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M2C 6770 TEKNO 48.3/48.4 16MM ZRS SHOCK CAPS

M2C 6770 TEKNO 48.3/48.4 16MM ZRS SHOCK CAPS

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This shock cap allows you to build an (emulsion style) zero rebound shock. coupled with the 16 mm o ring shock pistons we offer(9720 series pistons)

helps with handling and a more stable landing off jumps.




remove bleeder screw. fill with oil to level with top of shock. screw cap onto shock.

Slowly push piston shaft up to top of stroke. Hold shaft up and put 2 mm screw in. (it is best to put screw in with a wrench and not a driver to

avoid cross threading the screw.

NOTE: It is a good idea to check the shocks and re bleed if necessary to keep from building pressure due temperature changes during the day . We have also noticed that this can happen if you have a lower shock o ring that is leaking.

Note: the video is made by Josh Hollifield for the Mugen but the build is the same for all of our ZRS shock caps.

How to set up shock caps video