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Made using 7075-t6 and machined polished. these towers are 9mm thick. Designed  to withstand the hardest bashing. this design is proven to be super tough. Guys, I highly advise that you pay attention how you disassemble the existing towers. There is a lot of hardware in these kits with different length screws and it does make a difference where the screws go. I would get a pc. of cardboard and as you take screws out, push them into  the cardboard. This will make reassembly much easier. I would also mark the top body post bracket with a majic marker as it could be confusing which is the front. Also when I assembled this used truck I found quite a few bent screws as RC DUDE 81 puts his gear thru the toughest test.Replace the bent or damaged screws as you go.

As we all know, at times the top 4mm hinge pins can back out. We have added the hinge pin retainers in the kit so you will not have this issue.

TIP. take pics with you phone  of disassembly as you go

I would start by removing the top shock cap mounts. ( be careful when pulling the shock off the post as shock bushing is very easy to lose)

swing the shocks out of the way.

remove the upper 4mm hinge pins. (be careful to not lose the small spacers on the 4mm pin as you take out the pins.

Also pay attention how the Arms locate on the pin.(Might want to take a pic of this with your phone before disassembly .)

Remove the (4 ) shock tower bolts.

For assembly reverse the process.