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So i thought I'd take a little time out to do a small write up. And hopefully answer some questions in the mean time, about upgrading your cars, and some frequently asked questions that i get asked on a daily basis.

What upgrades do i reckon out of of the box?  

I would recommend the chassis braces straight out the box. The plastic stock braces allow the chassis to flex too much. The aluminium one's allow less flex, so prevent (not fully stop) the chassis bending. At the time of writing this arrma cars comes with STX2 radios. These radios do have a place on the market. Unfortunately, it's not in an arrma. Take out the radio and put it on the market. You'd be susprised how much interest you get.  Also I'd recommend the long rear skid plate, it does require some drilling to fit. But bridges the weak part of the stock chassis. 

Are Upgrades needed? 

That question is a hard one as this totally Depends on you the driver... If you are going to be sending it off bmx ramps 20ft in the air..... Taking it to a skatepark etc then yes. If you just like blasting around a feild doing small jumps, then once again in my opinion then i don't think you would need them. 

Should i i fully upgrade my car before i use it.

Absolutely NOT! for me and I've seen it time and time again. Someone buys all the update, and fully does out there car, and then takes it out, and it breaks, which leads to discontent, as lets face it you just put alot of money into that car and it breaks.  Get your car, enjoy it, learn it. Know what it can and can't do. Maintenance is key. Once you have taken your rig out a few times. You tend to find the weak spots. So upgrade those if possible. I'd highly advise against aluminium shock ends. Use RPM or HD/Nero ends or tekno ones all amazing choices. Part number below




Please note you may need different balls to fit in some examples listed. 


Least of all HAVE FUN! 

I hope this helps. And if you anyone has any suggestions of something else i can add then please feel free to message me. 



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  • I’d like to add to the essential upgrade list. I think a front bumper from RPM or POS and a wing mount from POS is essential as well.


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